Communities Investigating Their Environment (CITE)

Communities Investigating Their Environment (CITE)


Adult Community Members


 Community Science Project focused on Water Quality 





CITE: Communities Investigating Their Environment


CITE is a community science (science generated by the public) project that is shaped and implemented by local stakeholders. The primary objective is to engage community members in designing and implementing a water quality monitoring project for a local waterway of concern. The project includes water quality testing equipment stored at local locations, extensive training for participants, and online resources. 

Activities Include:

  • A community listening session on water quality concerns and priorities.
  • Hiring a CITE Steward. Click on the link for a position description.
  • Assembling an Advisory Team to help shape the project. Complete this interest form if you would like to serve on this team.
  • Recruiting Volunteer Stewards to collect water quality data. Complete this interest form if you would like to serve as a Volunteer Steward.
  • Determing which waterway to test and which tests to conduct.
  • Collecting, entering, and analyzing water quality data.
  • Designing and implementing an action project.

Outcomes Include:

  • Local water quality knowledge for community members.
  • Stakeholder collaboration throughout the project.
  • Increased data-driven action for local waterways and the community.

Testing is scheduled to begin July 2023

Online Tools for Investigating Local Water Quality

Visit these resources to learn more about water in your community.

Enforcement and Compliance History Online (ECHO)

The ECHO tool allows users to search for pollution sources, enforcement cases, and more within their local area. 

Environmental Working Group's Tap Water Database 

A detailed site that includes a tap water database for tracking possible pollutants, drinking water standards, and more. 

Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) How's My Waterway?

An EPA resource that allows users to explore water in their communities used for swimming, fishing, drinking, and more.

Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ)

This is LDEQ's resource page for water issues in Louisiana, including enforcement, monitoring, and news updates.

LA Department of Health's Safe Drinking Water Program 

This Louisiana Department of Health project supervises over 1,300 public water systems to monitor compliance and violations with water regulations.

Environmental Protection Agency's Watershed Academy 

Self-paced training modules that help decision makers understand how to improve the health of local waterways through managing these critical resources.

CITE is currently funded by Marathon's Charitable Contributions.