Visiting the Lighthouse

The New Canal Lighthouse Museum and Education Center

Family Fun at the New Canal Lighthouse!

Build an Underwater Robot

Make it Rain in 3D

Help Grow Louisiana

Solve Water Mysteries

Lighthouse Tours

Underwater Robotics Program

Learn about Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) and build your very own! Launch your robot in the canal and try your hand at driving it in water.

3D Watershed Sandbox

Build 3D models of land and water bodies, then make it "rain" to see where the stormwater goes! Learn about topography, hydrology, and how coastal restoration can protect New Orleans.

Seed Station

Help us start native flowers and trees from seed. Your planted seeds will be raised at our nursery, and when they’re ready, they will be planted in our coastal marshes. You can even take a native seed pot and help us grow more Louisiana at home!

Water Sampling

Bring in a water sample from your favorite spots in the Pontchartrain Basin, or even from your home. We’ll show you how to solve the mystery of what’s in our water.

Lighthouse Tours

Learn more about the lighthouse, its history, and how PC is working to restore Louisiana’s coast. Docent-guided tours of this historic site are available as well as audio and printed tour guides.

The Environmental Learning Center

Science For Our Coast Begins Here.

Pontchartrain Conservancy's New Canal Lighthouse is proud to provide hands-on-activities and environmental education programming to all:

  • School groups K-12
  • After school programs
  • Community centers
  • Church groups
  • Scouts
  • Birthday parties
  • And more!

We have over 12 topics to choose from including:

  • Hydrology
  • Coastal Wetlands
  • Coast & Community
  • Water Quality
  • And more!

View all available topics here.

Each topic includes hands-on-activities such as:

  • Underwater Robots (ROV)
  • Seed Station
  • 3D Watershed Sandbox
  • Water Sampling
  • And more!

We offer 2 or 6 hour programming with per student pricing. Learn more and sign up here. Questions, seeking more information, or to sign up contact: