Weekly Data Report

Water Quality Results

Lake Pontchartrain was removed from the EPA's Impaired Waterways list in 2006. Present water quality is typically within the acceptable range for recreation.

Consult the table and map below for our weekly water sampling results.

If fecal coliform number is highlighted in yellow, swimming is not advisable.

If fecal coliform number is highlighted in red, neither swimming nor boating are advisable.

Current Conditions

Tchefuncte River

The previous 4 weeks of water quality data for the Tchefuncte River Boat Launch:

Current safety conditions at the Tchefuncte River Boat Launch:

Bogue Falaya Trace
Bayou Castine
Fontainebleau Beach
Northshore Beach
Bonnabel Boat Launch
New Canal Lighthouse
Old Beach
Bayou St. John
Pontchartrain Beach

Rainfall Runoff Warning

The Lake's water quality may be negatively impacted by rainfall runoff. Heavy rains may cause wastewater treatement systems to overflow and contaminate the lake. If it has rained in your area in the past three days, the runoff could pollute the region of the lake near you. Always use caution when recreating in Lake Pontchartrain.

What do we test for?

We're proud to be your local water quality experts.

Since 2000, we've been keeping you up to date with the latest conditions around the lake and in our basin. With our data, communities can better understand when it might be unsafe to swim or boat, and have greater insight into what they can expect in the lake.

Over the course of 30 years, we've helped clean up waterways across the basin. Our work has helped to the remove Lake Pontchartrain and 8 other water bodies from the Clean Water Act’s 303 (d) Impaired Water Bodies List

Our methods for monitoring are approved by the EPA. Every Tuesday we visit twelve recreational sites to sample water quality, and by Friday we publish our results. Processing our data can take up to two days because of the method used for bacterial testing.