Resources & Partners

Resources & Partners

Testing the Waters: Water Quality Monitoring in Lake Pontchartrain

Why do we test, where do we test and what do we test? These questions are answered in this bright colorful brochure written for all ages. It is truly a useful tool to anyone learning about water quality.  To receive a copy, please Contact Us.

Not in My Backyard! Uncovering the Dirty Secrets of Your Home Sewage System

No one wants to spend time thinking about sewage. But on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain, citizens who ignore what goes down their drains may end up breaking both the law and their pocketbooks. They may also be shocked to discover raw sewage in the ditches around their homes.

Homeowner’s Guide to Household Sewage Treatment Systems

Decentralized Onsite Management for Treatment of Domestic Wastes

Septic (Onsite) Systems Guidance, Manuals and Policies

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Environmental Atlas of the Lake Pontchartrain Basin

What's under the Lake? Where are redfish found? Answers to these and many other questions are now available in a multidisciplinary source of information on the Lake and its surrounding 4,700 square-mile Basin. The Atlas covers geology, land use, habitat, biological resources, and water quality. This book is available in public and university libraries, and is out on CD for private citizens. View the Atlas at the link below,  or Contact Us for a copy on CD.