Litter Gitter Project

Litter Gitter Project: Yellow Water Creek

Pontchartrain Conservancy has once again partnered with the River Network and Osprey Initiative to install one of their patented Litter Gitter devices!

Installation of Pontchartrain Conservancy's second Litter Gitter was completed on September 23rd and will be in Yellow Water Creek in Tangipahoa Parish for 120 days.

A Litter Gitter is a tactical in-stream litter collection device used to intercept floating litter from stormwater runoff. The Osprey team handles all aspects of installing and maintaining these “trash traps” and compiles data on the items caught in them, recycling as much of the litter as possible.

Pontchartrain Conservancy will oversee the project and conduct education and community outreach initiatives. The biomass and recyclables that get collected will be weighed and separated weekly. Data is collected using the EPA’s Escaped Trash Assessment Protocol (ETAP) tool, a full recommendation on how to gather, sort, and document trash collection. The information is designed to educate the community on what types of pollution are entering the stream and to help inform them on how to prevent these pollutants from going into our waterways.

View the final report of Pontchartrain Conservancy's pilot Litter Gitter project on Ponchatoula Creek from February through June 2020!

Thanks to Our Partners!