Lake and Coast

Lake and Coast App

Pontchartrain Conservancy is proud to announce the release of Water Quality's very own water quality results app: Lake and Coast! The app was released in August 2021 in celebration of National Water Quality Month! Lake and Coast is available for download on your Android and iOS app store. 


Lake and Coast

Pontchartrain Conservancy is proud to bring it’s weekly water quality sampling program to mobile devices. Lake and Coast is a water quality mobile application created by Pontchartrain Conservancy in partnership with Tobiano Apps. Users of all ages can learn about the water quality parameters of 12 recreational sites around the Lake Pontchartrain Basin. Data is presented on parameters such as bacteria indicators, salinity, water temperature, pH, visibility, and much more. The public can access weekly updated data to help them know the status of their Lake Pontchartrain Basin!

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Check the weekly water quality status of 12 recreational sites around the Pontchartrain Basin

Find the cleanest site, closest to you

Stay updated on conditions for specific sites

Read descriptions about each of our sites and get directions to each

Get informed on recent rainfall and it's impact on water quality

And more!


Sites Featured

Lake and Coast provides data on 12 sites across the Lake Pontchartrain Basin. Every Tuesday we visit twelve recreational sites to sample water quality, and by Friday we publish our results. Processing our data can take up to two days because of the method used for indicator bacteria testing. Our methods for monitoring are approved by the EPA. Click each site's icon to learn more!

Lake and Coast App Photography Contest!


Celebrating the release of our new Water Quality app Lake and Coast in August 2021, we asked the public to submit photographs from our water quality sample sites across the Lake Pontchartrain Basin! The contest has now ended and we thank all of our contestants for their participation! We received 160 beautiful photos. Winners are shown below and featured in our Lake and Coast app!