Litter Gitter Pilot Project on Ponchatoula Creek Final Report

Osprey Initiative “Litter Gitter” on Ponchatoula Creek

Osprey Initiative installed their patented “Litter Gitter” tool in Ponchatoula Creek through a grant from The River Network and in partnership with Pontchartrain Conservancy and Tangipahoa Parish Government. A site along Ponchatoula Creek which drains the southern portion of the City of Hammond, connecting to the Natalbany River, thence to Tickfaw River and into Lake Maurepas was selected for the installation. This location was chosen because of the anticipated volume of stormwater and the litter it would convey, site accessibility, and the projects visibility to the local community.

The location was checked for trash and debris every two weeks (even more to account for Rain Events) and waste trapped by the device was collected and later sorted. After collection the waste was analyzed by Osprey initiative by means of the Escaped Trash Assessment Protocol (ETAP). Trash captured by the “Litter Gitter” was profiled so as to inform the community on specific litter issues and inform local leaders. This understanding will then help communities determine what steps should be chosen for litter abatement to better reduce trash loading on waterbodies and prevent that pollution from continuing downstream.

To date 226.92 pounds or 156 ft³ of litter has been captured by the Litter Gitter. From this amount, 66.56 pounds or 62 ft³ were separated for recycling.

For more information contact Osprey Initiative.

This installation is only temporary due to the small grant received for this project.  Pontchartrain Conservancy aims to continue important work all over Southeast Louisiana, but we need your help to do so.

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