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Workshop Background Reading and Materials

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Mack et al. 2004 - Ecosystem carbon storage in arctic tundra reduced by long-term nutrient fertilization
Bragazza et al. 2006 - Atmospheric nitrogen deposition promotes carbon loss from peat bogs
Franzen 2006 - Increased decomposition of subsurface peat in Swedish raised bogs: are temperate peatlands still net sinks of carbon?
2007 Hammond Wetland Assimilation Annual Monitoring Report
2008 Hammond Wetland Assimilation Annual Monitoring Report
Turner 2010 - Beneath the salt marsh canopy: Loss of soil strength with increasing nutrient loads
Hammond Waste Water Assimilation Project Permit Excursions Dec 2006- Jan 2008
Hammond Waste Water Assimilation Project Permit Excursions Feb 2008- June 2008
Hammond Waste Water Assimilation Project Permit Excursions Oct 2008 - April 2009
Sampson et al. 2006 - Effects of temperature and sand on E. coli survival in northern lake water microcosm
Day et al. 2005 - Hammond wetland wastewater assimilation use attainability analysis (UAA)
Hunter et al. 2009 - Nutrient removal and loading rate analysis of Louisiana forested wetlands assimilation treat municipal effluent

Workshop Presentations

Workshop Agenda
John Lopez - Introduction and Geographic Setting
John White - Wetland biogeochemical processes in treatment wetlands
Dugan Sabens and Todd Franklin - LA DEQ Wetland Assimilation Policy and Permit Implementation
Matt Rota - Review of Hammond Wastewater Treatment plant and permitting of the Hammond wastewater assimilation
Ronnie Carter and Leah Latiolais - Additional observations regarding discharge performance and permits
John Lopez and Ezra Boyd - Land change analysis 1998 to 2009 of the freshwater marsh at the Hammond Wastewater Assimilation project site
Edmond Mouton - City of Hammond Wetland Assimilation Project - Effects on Joyce WMA
Chris Schulz and Gary Childers - Microbial responses to the wetland assimilation project: A biogeochemical perspective
Ed Bodker - Synergistic degradation: A photographic history oand evaluation of the Hammond sewage disposal site
Gene Turner - Synergistic degradation: Soils, plants, and assumptions
Rachel Hunter - Water quality analysis of the Hammond Assimilation Site
John Day - Hydrology and water flow characteristics
Gary Shaffer, William Bernard Wood, Eva Hillmann, and John Day - Factors influencing vegetation changes in the Hammond Assimilation Wetlands
John Day and Gary Shaffer - Future restoration and research suggestions
Hammond Workshop Panel Discussion Notes