Tree Planting and Swamp Restoration


Tree Planting and Swamp Restoration

We are seeking volunteers who are looking to get their hands dirty and help us plant over 5,000 bald cypress and green ash trees throughout our beautiful Pontchartrain Basin! It is well known that forested swamp areas help absorb storm surges and stabilize land along our vanishing coastline. Restoring these essential habitats is one of the most effective ways you can help improve the resiliency of your community and bring biodiversity back to our wetlands!


When and Where

Dates: Friday Dec 10th & Saturday Dec 11th

Time: 8am - 3pm

Location: Caernarvon Boat Launch, Braithwaite, LA 70040

What to Expect

Each morning at 8am staff and volunteers will gather at the Caernarvon Boat Launch. From here, volunteers will sign in and pack themselves a lunch of sandwiches and snacks provided by the Pontchartrain Conservancy. We will then load up the airboats and set sail for our planting site! Friday will be dedicated to transporting supplies and staging the planting site, while Saturday will be dedicated entirely to planting trees. We will return to the boat launch by 3pm on both days. Please note that volunteers will be unable to leave early as we are taking boats to and from the planting site.


*** Please note: This is messy work! We will all be soaked and covered in mud by the end of the day, but with big happy smiles on our faces! Please come prepared with clothing that can get wet and dirty, warm layers for the windy boat ride, a change of clothing for your drive home, and rubber boots or waiters (if you have them). We have some volunteer boots available, but old sneakers will work just fine since your feet will likely get wet regardless! ***


Register to Volunteer

Interested in volunteering for this event? Click the link below to register! From there you will be able to sign yourself up for one or multiple dates.

We appreciate your interest in volunteering with us to help restore Louisiana's beautiful swamp ecosystems! Feel free to contact Owen ( or Noah ( or with any questions.