Your gift today to Pontchartrain Conservancy makes a real difference in the future of our region and our world. 

Give today for the future of the Pontchartrain Basin.

A tree can change a life. You can give that gift today.

Right after Hurricane Katrina, our scientists developed the Multiple Lines of Defense Strategy, which made clear that levees alone are not enough. We call for the restoration of natural features (like swamps, ridges, marshes, and barrier islands) to work alongside levees and reduce the impacts of future storms in the place we call home.

As part of this strategy, our scientists find just the right places to plant trees. They figure out which areas are ready for swamp restoration—which helps help defend the coast—and which tree species will perform the best, including capturing river sediment to rebuild these areas. Planted properly and in the right place, wetland trees can help secure the future of our communities.

With the help of supporters like you and classes of students like those pictured here, we have planted over 80,000 trees in the right places. And we need to plant 7,000 more this season. The damage from Hurricane Ida just showed us how important this work is! Your gift today goes immediately to work, restoring our natural defenses.

But knowing where to plant trees is useless if the next generation does not care. Our educators develop curricula to help students around the region understand the ecosystem around them. To help them see the role they can play in making Louisiana livable for himself and the generations after him. The memories they create may lead to a lifetime of passion for defending his coast.

Give today, and advance the work of securing our communities' future. Future generations depend on it.

Thank you.


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