There are many ways to support Pontchartrain Conservancy. Private foundations, estate and corporate donations, state and federal grants, and people interested in the health of the Pontchartrain Basin provide the resources necessary to operate Pontchartrain Conservancy.


Who funds PC?

PC applies for grants from foundation and government sources annually. This revenue accounts for roughly 80 percent of our income, and is usually restricted to specific projects. Generous individuals, organizations, and companies contribute the other 20 percent of the foundation revenue. However, grant and government money is never guaranteed. That’s why it is important to support PC in its many endeavors so that valuable basin programs can continue.

When I donate money to PC, where does that money go?

Over 80% of funds raised through events and annual giving go directly to vital programs. The remaining dollars are used for development and administrative services.

  • Annual Membership: By joining PC, you are ensuring a bright, healthy lake and basin for this and future generations. For more information on the benefits of membership, click here.
  • Year End Gift Donation: Year End Gifts are an easy way to make a difference in Lake Pontchartrain. From water quality and coastal restoration to education and outreach, your contribution to the Year End Campaign will allow us to accelerate successful efforts across the basin. For a Year End Contribution form, click here.
  • Gift Membership: A gift membership is a great way to complete your birthday or holiday shopping. When you give a gift membership, we will send a special letter to each of your recipients to let them know of your generosity. For more information, click here.
  • Honorariums/Memorials: There is no greater gift than knowing that your donation is given to PC in honor of someone special in your life or paying tribute to a deceased loved one. For a list of memorials, click here. To donate in honor of someone special, click here.
  • Event Sponsorship: Whether you are a company big or small or just a concerned individual, it is possible to help Pontchartrain Conservancy underwrite the cost of events. We offer excellent marketing and PR benefits. For more details, contact 504-836-2205.
  • Combined Federal Campaign (CFC): If you are a federal employee and wish to designate PC as your charity of choice, please contact the Office of CFC Operations at the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).
  • Corporate Matching: You can increase your PC donation through the matching gift program of your employer. Some companies have a 100% match of contributions given to PC by current and retired employees.
  • Tangible Donations: Pontchartrain Conservancy will accept tangible donations in partnership with Volunteers of America. If you are interested in donating your car, boat, or RV, please call 504-836-2209.
  • Gift Shop: Come visit PC’s New Canal Lighthouse Gift Shop for great gift ideas. All proceeds benefit Pontchartrain Conservancy.

If you would like specific information on how you can help to support PC's efforts to protect our Basin, please call 504-836-2215.