Brady Skaggs Bio

Dr. Brady Skaggs

Water Quality Program Director

Dr. Brady Skaggs is originally from Jacksonville, Florida, where he grew up enjoying swimming in the St.John’s River and Atlantic Ocean, as well as competitively in college. Brady is a lifetime letter winner at Georgia Tech, and ACC-finalist in the 200yd butterfly. Swimming fostered an interest in water treatment and chemistry. Brady completed his undergraduate studies in microbiology at the Georgia Institute of
Technology in Atlanta, Georgia then went on to complete his master’s degree in Public Health (MSPH) at Tulane University. He obtained his Doctorate degree at Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, focusing on water and wastewater disinfection technologies in the Environmental Health Sciences program.

Brady is currently involved in projects that investigate pollution source tracking, commercial and home wastewater-system inspections, and weekly monitoring of the Lake Pontchartrain’s water quality. Dr. was recently recognized with the Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP) credential.