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Basin Issues

Basin Issues

What You Can Do

Although Lake Pontchartrain and its surrounding area continue to face environmental challenges, the Lake and its resources have made a tremendous comeback. Much of this success is due to interested and concerned citizens who want a clean, healthy Lake and Basin for this and future generations.

Lake Pontchartrain's restoration begins with each of us. All of our actions, both large and small, impact the Lake's health. There are many things, some simple, some more difficult, that all of us can do to make a difference. When we stop to consider that there are 2.1 million of us living in the Pontchartrain Basin, we realize that what we each do adds up.

As citizens of the Pontchartrain Basin, we can be involved in the Lake's recovery through our daily actions, in our communities, and by voicing our desire to protect our valuable resources. By being informed citizens who are actively involved in the effort to restore Lake Pontchartrain we can make a difference. Become a part of this exciting effort to help Save Our Lake!