Roy Johnson, Jr. Tribute

The New Canal Lighthouse Museum & Education Center on the lakefront of New Orleans

Honor Roy’s love of the outdoors, exercise, and camaraderie with a tribute to Roy at Pontchartrain Conservancy’s New Canal Lighthouse and Museum grounds by donating HERE

For over 29 years Pontchartrain Conservancy has addressed the complex relationship with the water that surrounds us. We tackled cleaning up of the lake years ago and succeeded, and we continue to vigilantly balance the needs of the environment, commercial industries, and residents with innovative solutions to not just survive but thrive in this place we call home. We have a museum and education center directly on Lake Pontchartrain where over 10,000 visitors come each year including over 3,000 school children to learn about the history of water in the region and learn how to become environmental stewards for tomorrow. Our space is open and airy and is a location of many weddings, Coast Guard promotions and retirements, and activities. We are honored that Roy’s family and friends have reached out to honor his legacy and help us enhance this great space on Lake Pontchartrain. Original donations went towards a bench and brick purchase but the outcry has been amazing and as we have gotten to know the staff and learn about their vision of the space we want to help them achieve their vision.  Roy loved the lake and was a favorite spot for biking and running for years.  Please consider joining in this fundraiser for lpbf in honor of Roy.

Roy E. Johnson

On rare occasion we meet someone who single handedly changes the world, whether that is one person’s world or the world as we know it. Roy was one of those people. He had a profound impact on every person he came in contact with, no matter who you were, what you did in life or whether or not you had anything in common. Roy was kind, passionate about so very many things and truly the definition of generous – always willing to share everything from advice, conversation, laughs or just simply a good bottle of wine! 
Those who knew Roy personally found so much more than a friend. He was a brother or a father to just about everyone in his life. An incredible athlete, a phenomenal businessman, a hard working, hard playing contributor, Roy was a rock in all of his circles, especially his family. While he will be remembered by everyone in a different way, his life as a son, a brother, a husband, a dad, a grandfather and soon to be great grandfather will stand the test of time. 
Roy was enormously proud of Targa Resources, the company he co-founded in 2003, and where he is admired by the Targa family for his business acumen and loved for the warm personal touch of his leadership.
Roy will remain with everyone who had the true pleasure of knowing him. He built community, he connected people. With every challenge that hits us, with every classic rock song on the radio, with every glass of wine and with every sunrise and sunset Roy will be there.