Fleur of the Nile: Remaking the Fleur de Lis


From the back cover: “Fleur of the Nile traces the origins of the fleur de lis to Egypt and beyond. Hidden within the grammar of the symbol is, perhaps its greatest myster. Often overlooked, one peculiar element of its language stands out – the clasp… The author is not a historian or archaeologist, but rather a champion of the fleur.  Enamored by its magic and mystery Casey Delmont Johnson creator of Fleur-de-lis: Histories, Mysteries, Recipes,  and Mixologies of the World’s Most Enduring Symbol, felt compelled to inspire a new narrative for the fading symbol. Fleur of the Nile features an extensive essay by Dr. Darius Spieth, professor of art history at LSU…Professor Spieth reminds us of the history of the fleur de lis – one that dates back over 4,000 years. “

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Hardcover: 70 pages

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