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Submerged Aquatic Vegetation

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At Home With Mote

Seagrass meadows are vital to a healthy ocean and a healthy planet but are faced with big problems. Join us as we explore these bustling secret gardens of the sea and learn how we can practice citizen science to help conserve them. Be sure to check out the Pre-Lesson Activity guide so you can find animals, identify species of seagrass and simulate how scientists study this unique environment with us!

Run time: 52 minutes

Source: Mote Education Online

Blue Carbon: How seagrass is our ocean's wonder plant and their role in fighting climate change

Blue carbon ecosystems like seagrass meadows play a huge role in fighting climate chaos. We call on national governments to recognise the critical importance of our ocean and blue carbon in the fight against the climate emergency. .

Run time: 4:50 minutes

Source: Environmental Justice Foundation

Seagrass Ecosystem Webinar

Seagrass ecosystems are hugely important for the Bahamas for so many reasons! Watch this interesting lecture from Forfar Field Station Educational Staff on Andros Bahamas as they explain why this is an invaluable ecosystem and outline the research project undertaken at Forfar with the Smithsonian to help preserve Seagrass meadows .

Run time: 22 minutes

Source: International Field Studies

Seagrass: Life in the Underwater Meadows

You dive down into a undersea meadow. Surrounded by blades of seagrass up to a meter tall, you begin to notice the abundant life all around. Schools of baby fish hide within the grassy maze as emerald sea slugs graze algae off the blades. Seagrass is an ocean-dwelling flowering plant, which provides a home for countless creatures. But these habitats are threatened around the world.

Run time: 2:51 minutes

Source: Hakai Institute