Submerged Aquatic Vegetation

Submerged Aquatic Vegetation and Seagrass

SAV-ing Our Ocean: Submerged Aquatic Vegetation and Seagrass


Almost 43 square miles of seagrass are lost as each year passes. This dramatic decline in submerged aquatic vegetation causes habitat loss for keystone marine species, devastating shallow-water marine ecosystems.

Guided Review

Investigate the causes of submerged aquatic vegetation and seagrass loss, and how the restoration of a crucial element of the ocean can be achieved.

Guided Exploration

Each session includes guidelines and materials to explore the featured topic. Our guided explorations are also designed with space for educators to make the sessions their own!  Use the included materials, or draw from the Resource Box below to tweak the sessions for your specific needs.

Resource Toolbox

Use these curated resources from a wide variety of organizations to learn more about submerged  aquatic vegetation and seagrass. Watch a video or listen in on a webinar. Focus on what kinds of questions the data can answer. Share your lesson plans with us, and we will add them to the collection! Find answers to your questions. .

Articles & Reports

A collection of articles on submerged aquatic vegetation and seagrass for use by you and your students.

DIY Resources

By building a self-sustaining aquarium , you can help students understand how the natural world can provide solutions to habitat loss for keystone marine species.

More Lesson Plans

Submerged Aquatic Vegetation lesson plans and activities from Project Seagrass, CGI, Seagrass Watch, and more.

Online Resources

Interactive tools including a Global Seagrass Observing Network created by SeaWatch. . The tool "partners scientist with citizens to accurately monitor the status and trends in seagrass conditions."

Webinars & Other Courses

Lessons that can help you expand your SAV  literacy and explore strategies for discussing  seagrass ecosystems  in the classroom.

Various Data

Resources such as The Ocean Agency's creative toolkit "The Magic of Seagrass," "providing key facts, imagery, and other tools needed to help create awareness and inspire action. or The University of Maryland's online data viewer, providing "user-friendly access to SAV education."


Includes "At Home With Mote," a STEM activity about "the bustling secret gardens of the sea," a Seagrass Ecosystem Webinar from International Field Studies, and so much more