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Wetlands Concepts

Discover Urban Wetland's Worth

"In Colombo, Sri Lanka, IWMI’s host country, we are helping discover and promote the true worth of the city’s unique wetland ecosystem – to mitigate flooding, incentivize green investment, bolster food security and in other ways make the city more livable for all. This is the compelling message of our new video on the Colombo Wetlands Complex, which is a nominee for the urban wetlands accreditation scheme of the Ramsar Convention, an intergovernmental treaty that promotes the conservation and wise use of wetlands."

Run time: 9 minutes

Source: International Water Management Institute

Key program is spending on forests

"Private companies have invested tens of millions of dollars building “mitigation banks,” critical marsh restoration projects to help save the fragile Louisiana coast. But the market for these banks might be too inhospitable."

Run time: 5 minutes

Source: WWLTV

Lobsterville Beachgrass Restoration

"Lobsterville Beach Grass Restoration - The Natural Resource Department of the Wampanoag Tribe of Aquinnah successfully restores an area of beach using beach grass."

Run time: 6 minutes

Source: Martha's Vineyard Productions

Restoring San Francisco Bay’s wetlands

"The San Francisco Bay’s wetlands are disappearing at an alarming rate due to encroaching development, leaving the local ecosystem at risk. Moreover, the wetlands can store as much carbon as a tropical rainforest, an invaluable asset in the effort to slow global warming. Sonia Aronson of the PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs takes a look at a new and contentious proposed tax to save the bay."

Run time: 6 minutes

Source: PBS NewsHour

Restoration Spotlight: Urban Wetland

"Laura Bankey, Director of Conservation at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, guides us through the Fort McHenry Wetland. This 7-acre protected marsh was created in the 1980's as mitigation for the Fort McHenry Tunnel, and it provides critical habitat for wildlife in this heavily industrialized portion of the Chesapeake Bay. However, trash and debris are a major problem that must be managed through the help of community volunteers."

Run time: 2 minutes

Source: Chesapeake Bay Program

The Restoration of Long Creek

"This video describes the restoration of Long Creek, a small watershed of Casco Bay, in southern Maine, that was impaired because of runoff from impervious surfaces. The watershed is being restored using a collective stormwater permitting approach which was applied to raise revenue for stormwater treatment systems (BMPs). This innovative approach stemmed from results of watershed assessments, and determination by EPA under the residual designation authority of the Clean Water Act."

Run time: 8 minutes

Source: US Environmental Protection Agency

The Road Back Home

Environmental Justice and Wetland Restoration at the Lower 9th: "What would happen if another hurricane as devastating as Katrina hits New Orleans again? How it will most likely affect once again the most impoverished, underprivileged and marginalized communities? Who live[s] in these communities?"

Run time: 34 minutes

Source: REYNALDO A MORALES Educational Indigenous Media

Tricentennial Moments: Bayou St. John

"Between Bienville’s “Beautiful Crescent” and Lake Pontchartrain, lies Bayou St. John—the reason New Orleans is located where it is. WYES TRICENTENNIAL MOMENT on the "Old Portage" of Bayou St. John."

Run time: 2 minutes

Source: WYES

Types of Wetlands

"Wetlands are transitional lands between lands and other bodies of water. There are four main types of wetlands: Marsh, Swamp, Fen, and Bog."

Run time: 2 minutes

Source: MooMoo Math and Science

Wetlands Restoration

"Wetlands are among the richest and most diverse places on earth. Thousands of fish, mammals and birds call the wetlands home. If you can believe it, wetlands, thick with plants and soggy soils, act as a sponge, soaking up pollutants to help keep our water clean. They also help protect people from floods and storms."

Run time: 2 minutes

Source: Ocean Today - NOAA

What is ecological restoration?

"Our natural areas are in urgent need of support. Learn how we can make an impact through ecological restoration in our communities."

Run time: 4 minutes

Source: Morton Arboretum

Wonderous Wetlands

"Wetlands are an in-between place where water settles. Learn about the benefits of wetlands and about threats to their survival."

Run time: 3 minutes

Source: Texas Parks and Wildlife