Ecosystems of the Basin

Ecosystems of the Basin

What is an Ecosystem?

Which ecosystems are near me? What animals and plants live in a swamp? What about a salt marsh? In this activity, you will learn about ecosystems in the Pontchartrain Basin and create a visual model that shows both living and non-living parts of the ecosystem.

Project: Research an ecosystem found in the Pontchartrain Basin using our resources and the internet. Use your research to create a visual model of the ecosystem. Can you make a visual model for all seven featured ecosystems?

Developed by:
Kimberly Cooke (Education Coordinator)
Kelowna Ostwald (Education Assistant - AmeriCorps)

Video production by Kate Tannian

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Our Example: Can you guess which ecosystem we made?

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Source: The Sentinel

Ecosystems of the Pontchartrain Basin





How many ecosystems did you make? How were the Salt Marsh and the Brackish Marsh different? Were there any animals that lived in all seven ecosystems? What was the biggest threat to the ecosystems? Which ecosystem do you live in?  How do you know?

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