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Source: LSU Ag Center

"Flooding can occur almost anywhere in our country, and people are affected every year by flood damage to their homes and communities. It is important to know about the types and causes of flooding and how to make the right choices when building or purchasing a home.

In this activity children will become aware of the importance of elevation to prevent flood damage through hands-on activity."

Supplies needed for the Flood Fighter Challenge

Source: Pontchartrain Conservancy

Use these DIY instructions to build you own!

Click here for suggested instructions on how to use the model.

"Participants collaborate to create designs to protect their model coastal town...

Assign small teams to a MLODS model. Explain that teams will have to design protections for their coastal communities. Reveal that a hurricane will be impacting their town shortly to test their defenses. Have each team look at the materials included in the kit and discuss how they can be used to protect their model town from the incoming hurricane. Remind teams that they must develop a plan before they can begin building their protections.

Possible design restrictions:

  •  A specific budget with costs associated with different materials
  • Limits on the amount of certain materials used (eg. clay)
  • Limits on the length/size of certain protections
  • Any others you wish to implementOnce team members have agreed on a design, have them place their protections on the model."
Source: PC

Source: Pontchartrain Conservancy

Stream tables can be used to explore concepts such as erosion, deposition, the impact of levees, and more.

Use these DIY instructions to build you own!  Click here for suggested instructions on how to use the stream table.

DIY Stream Table (Source: Patrick Baldwin)

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