Climate Change and Migration

Climate Change and Migration

Isle de Jean Charles - An Inconceivable Choice

Source: The Advocate

The effects of climate change are globally evident and disproportionately impact marginalized and Indigenous communities. Explore the many facets of climate migration and the complex choices that communities must make when faced with climate stressors.

Guided Review

Each module will include a combination of readings, videos, and online resources to create an immersive virtual experience. This review is also intended to inspire further investigation, so please explore the resources available below as well as the associated Environmental Explorations.

Guided Exploration

Each session includes guidelines and materials to explore the featured topic. Our guided explorations are also designed with space for educators to make the sessions their own!  Use the included materials, or draw from the Resource Toolbox below to tweak the sessions for your specific needs.

Resource Toolbox

Use these curated resources from a wide variety of organizations to learn more about climate change and migration. Watch a video or listen in on a webinar. Focus on what kinds of questions the data can answer. Share your lesson plans with us, and we will add them to the collection! Find answers to your questions. Review Relevant Terms...

Articles & Reports

Articles on climate migrants, sea level rise, and the essentials principles of climate science in this collection of articles for use by you and your students.

DIY Resources

By planting a rain garden on your campus, you can help students understand how the natural world can provide solutions to the effects of climate change.

More Lesson Plans

Climate change focused lesson plans and activities from the UCAR Center for Science Education, SMART Sea Level Sensors, and more.

Online Resources

Interactive tools including NOAA's Digital Coast and Climate Tracker, NASA's Climate Time Machine, the Very, Very Simple Climate Model, and more.

Webinars & Other Courses

Virtual and in-person lessons that can help you expand your climate literacy and explore strategies for discussing climate migration in the classroom.

Various Data

Maps such as Yale's Climate Opinion Map 2019, various CPRA maps including coastal projects maps, aerial images of Isle de Jean Charles from 1963 and 2008, etc.


Includes "Can't Stop the Water," a documentary about Isle de Jean Charles, Sea Grant's "Adapting to Climate Change" series, a short video from NASA on Sea Level Rise, and more.