A Pontchartrain Conservancy Memorial Gift is a meaningful way to honor the memory and interests of a loved one. It is also a unique way to celebrate the life of a loved one who cared about the Foundation’s mission to Save Our Lake & Coast.

When your memorial gift is received online, Pontchartrain Conservancy will promptly contact you via email or phone to obtain the information necessary for PC to send an acknowledgment to the person or family you indicated, notifying them of your thoughtful donation.  When your memorial gift is received via mail or by phone, PC will promptly send an acknowledgment according to your instructions. Your donation will support crucial restoration activities, educational programs, and advocacy efforts.

Download the Memorial Gift form here.

New Canal Lighthouse Brick

If your loved one had a special connection to the New Canal Lighthouse at West End, please consider purchasing a personalized engraved brick to be placed in the Fountain Plaza at the New Canal Lighthouse.

Questions? Contact 504-836-2205

Contributions to Pontchartrain Conservancy are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.   If your company has a Matching Gifts Program, please remember PC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.


List Of Memorials

In Honor & In Memory Of

Joseph "Gus" Lorber, Jr.
Laura F. W. Campbell
William Edward Snyder
Joycelyn Bulot
John Michael Ward
Conrad Castle
Mary Lee T. Crutcher
C. Esby Reed
Francis Rollins Whitty
Ted "Randy" Wiggins
April Meyer
James Peters
Thomas Weatherall
Daniel Ulster, Sr.
Bruce Turlington
Lionel Joseph Cafiero, II
John and Mamsie Manard
Wayne Thomas Gonzales
Ashley Soule Conroy
Maureen hogan
Frederick Daniel Shows, Sr.
Edward Lestrade
Louis A. Heyd, Jr.
James Palmes III
Margaret Penfold Scalise
Robert Killeen


Charles Clelland
Frank Lopreore
Bart Dylan Ross
Mary Lee Rodriguez
Ronald Zappe
Cliff Glockner
Rachael Cherie Branley
Elaine and Lavelle Willingler
Reichard M. Kahle
Harry G. Goldstein
Joseph Charles Sansovich
Patrick Higgins
W. Keilermann
L. J. Arthur
John Clinton Burrus
Tim Stover
David Monroe
Lazard "Buck" Blum
Dorothy Marchal
Richard N. Kammer
John F. Dicks
Carmel Mask
John C. Boutall
Alvin Boos
Keith J. Peyrefitte
Edgar Veillon
Lee Hughs
Elsie Colby
Harold Willem, Jr.
James Paul McKay
Charles "Pete" Savoye
Anne Barnes
Ronnie Kleinpeter
Charles and Donna Swanson
Eugene Townsend Brown, Jr.
Clifton Arnold
Suzy Magee
James Whatley
David W. Miller
Nancy Wells
Kerry Burst
Walter Howat
Steven Michale Marks
Walter Larter
E. Burton Kemp III
Leo Micelli
Norman Lovegren
Curtis Crawford
Jason Hoffmann
Alanna and Joe Kanter
Ezra Boyd

Pontchartrain Conservancy thanks these individuals and their families for their dedication to the Pontchartrain Basin.