Memorial List

There is no greater gift than knowing that your donation is given to lpbf in honor of someone special in your life or paying tribute to a deceased loved one. Below is a list of donors and honorees.   For more information on memorials, please call 504-836-2215

2013 Memorials

In Memory of Lazard “Buck” Blum

Lu Lingle

In Memory of Rachael Branley

Mrs. Kathy Branley
Mr. and Mrs. Elsie Colby
Mr. David Gegenheimer

In Memory of Ashley Soule Conroy

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard & Cynthia Schmidt|

In Memory of John F. Dicks

Dr. and Mrs. Edward Lindsey

In Memory of Wayne Thomas Gonzales

Mr. Thomas Menard
Ms. Gayle Evans

In Memory of Lee Hughes

Mr. Kent Payne
Mr. Herman Kinter

In Memory of Edward Lestrade

Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Neupert

In Memory of Dorothy Marchal

Mr. and Mrs. Alice Wright
Ms. Mary Buck
Mr. Peter Dodge

In Memory of David Monroe


In Memory of Tim Stover

Mr. Charles Lody

In Memory of Harold W. Willem

Mr. and Mrs. John Mark Burcham
Mr. and Mrs. Robert St. George
Tucker Weinmann
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wink
Mr. Joseph C. Wink, Jr. P.E.
Mr. and Mrs. Mahlon and Karen Sanford
Ms. Brandi Bernard
Mr. William Fortier
Ms. Charla Chatagnier
Mr. and Mrs. Andy and Kendra Farris
Willbros Engineers, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm H. McLetchie
Mr. and Mrs. John and Lois Magnon
Ms. Miriam Becker