Louisiana Coastal Forest Workshop

Louisiana Coastal Forest Workshop:

Our forests, our coasts, our future!


Join Pontchartrain Conservancy, LSU’s School of Renewable Natural Resources, and partners for the 2020 virtual Coastal Forest Workshop.

Oct. 13th  1-4:20 PM ; Oct. 14th 1-4:20 PM (CT)

Oct. 28th1-4:20 PM ; Oct. 29th9-12:30 PM (CT)

Presentations for the virtual workshop will feature themes of (1) the current state of scientific understanding of coastal forest ecosystems (2) living and working in coastal forest landscapes, and (3) planning for the future sustainability of coastal forest ecosystems. This workshop will encompass the physical, biological, and social science perspectives recognizing that all three components are inherently linked in understanding the current and future state of coastal forests in Louisiana and the greater northern Gulf Coast region. The main objectives of the workshop will be to:

  1. Establish the current state of the ecologic, hydrologic, and geomorphic understanding of coastal forests and the two way relationship between coastal forests and communities to identify scientific gaps and future needs moving forward that can help inform policy makers and managers.
  2. Strengthen the community of advocates and expertise for coastal forest science, management, conservation, and policy.


Join us on zoom to directly participate with speakers by asking questions and contributing to discussions or watch on LSU's RNR Facebook live to watch presentations. Facebook is only for viewing! Use zoom to participate in discussions and ask questions. Email marygrace@scienceforourcoasts.org with any questions!

Facebook Live Streamhttps://www.facebook.com/LSUSRNR

Zoom link: https://lsu.zoom.us/j/94208441840?pwd=dUlRNFhRbTR2Ny9GVVo5cFJwNGI1UT09

Meeting ID: 942 0844 1840, Passcode: 251319, Toll-free numbers: 8778535247, 8887880099


*associations are only noted for the presenting author in bold

Tuesday, Oct. 13th

1:00-1:10, Mary Grace Lemon, Welcome and Introduction

1:10-1:40, Honora Buras, CPRA, Conservation and Restoration of Coastal Forests for Multiple Benefits.

1:40-1:55, John Lopez and Richard Keim; Pontchartrain Conservancy and LSU, History of coastal forest management in Louisiana.

1:55-2:10, P.J. Marshall; Restore the Earth Foundation, Landscape-scale Reforestation and Innovation: A Green-Gray Approach to Gulf Coast Resiliency.

2:10-2:15, Richard Goyer; St. Bernard Wetlands Foundation, Obstacles to Overcome for Successful Projects.

2:15-2:30, Patricia Taylor; USEPA, Hydrologic Restoration and Vegetative Planting in the Des Allemands Swamp.

2:30-2:40, Break

2:40-2:55, Elliot White; UVA, Louisiana’s Sentinels of Coastal Change.

2:55-3:00, Katie L. Percy and Eric I. Johnson; Audubon Louisiana, Evaluating historical changes and establishing baselines for swamp forest bird populations within the influence area of the river reintroduction into Maurepas Swamp.

3:00-3:15, Mary Grace Lemon, Natalie Snider, John Lopez, and Alisha Renfro; EDF, Improvements Needed to Effectively Integrate Coastal Forests into the 2023 Coastal Master Plan.

3:15-3:35, Craig Colten; LSU, Post-Forest Landscape and Emerging Social Justice Issues in the Amite River Basin.

3:35-3:50, Eva Hillman; Pontchartrain Conservancy, What is the State of Natural Swamp Regeneration on the Maurepas Land Bridge?

3:50-4:20, Recap of the day and discussion


Wednesday, Oct. 14th

1:00-1:10, Mary Grace Lemon, Welcome and Recap

1:10-1:50, Jenneke Visser; ULL, Modeling wetland forest for the Louisiana Coastal Master Plan.

1:50-1:55, Mary Grace Lemon and Richard F. Keim; Pontchartrain Conservancy, Impoundments reduce coastal forest resiliency in response to extreme storm events.

1:55-2:25, Loretta Battaglia; SIU, Upslope migration of coastal forest and marsh transgression in response to sea level rise.

2:25-2:35, Break

2:35-2:50, Dave Baker; Tulane University Bywater Institute; Pontchartrain Conservancy, Bottomland Hardwood Forest Change in the Lower Coast of Algiers, New Orleans.

2:50-3:05, Alicia McAlhaney, Richard F. Keim, and Scott T. Allen; LSU, Species-specific growth capacity for floodplain forest trees inferred from sapwood efficiency and individual tree competition.

3:05-3:45, Richard F. Keim; LSU, Sustainability of coastal forested wetlands in a changing climate.

3:45-4:20, Recap of the day and discussion


Wednesday, Oct. 28th

1:00-1:10, Mary Grace Lemon, Welcome and Recap

1:10-1:40, Ken W. Krauss, Jamie A. Duberstein, William H. Conner, and Eric J. Ward; U.S. Geological Survey, Wetland and Aquatic Research Center, The eco-physiological structuring of water use in forested wetlands with salinity: the value of studying trees and stands.

1:40-2:10, Melissa M. Baustian, Martijn Bregman, Zach Cobell, Andrew Courtois, Soupy Dalyander, Alyssa Dausman, Christine DeMyers, Diana Di Leonardo, Christopher Esposito, Maddie Foster-Martinez, Ioannis Georgiou, Scott Hemmerling, Hoonshin Jung, Bingqing Liu, Brett McMann, Francesca Messina, Michael Miner, Jessi Parfait, Jeremy Thompson, and Brendan Yuill; The Water Institute of the Gulf, Modeling the placement of dredge material to create mangrove wetlands for protection and production of blue carbon sinks.

2:10-2:15, Mary Grace Lemon; Pontchartrain Conservancy, Does land building from natural deposition result in less tallow establishment?

2:15-2:30, Stephanie Moothart; LSU, Coastal Taxodium distichum growth responses to marine influences and stand density.

2:30-2:40, Break

2:40-2:55, Jamie A. Duberstein; Clemson, Aboveground carbon standing stocks and growth rates for three forest types of Dismal Swamp.

2:55-3:10, Melinda Martinez; NCSU, State changes in coastal wetlands: anticipating transitions and evaluating the role of ghost forests in regional greenhouse gas emissions.

3:10-3:15, Sunshine Van Bael, Candice Lumibao, Elizabeth Kimbrough, Richard Day, Ken Krause, and William Conner; Tulane University, Salinity and water level influence the microbial communities associated with baldcypress.

3:15-3:30, Scott T. Allen; UNR, Disturbed cypress swamps are often not stressed cypress swamps.

3:30-3:55, John Day and Rachael Hunter; Comite Resources, Global change and the future of coastal freshwater forested wetlands in the Mississippi River Delta.

3:55-4:20, Recap of the day and discussion


Thursday, Oct. 29th

9:00-9:10,   Mary Grace Lemon, Welcome and Recap

9:10-9:40,   Jill Day and Duck Locascio; LDWF, Maurepas Swamp Wildlife Management Area - History, Management, and the Future.

9:40-10:10,  Joe Baustian; TNC, Hydrologic connectivity improves backswamp water quality in the Atchafalaya Basin.

10:10-10:40, Sarah Mack; Tierra Resources, Status and Challenges of Wetlands in Carbon Markets.

10:40-10:50, Break

10:50-11:05, Eva Hillman; Pontchartrain Conservancy, Swamp Reforestation Suitability Analysis for the Pontchartrain Basin.

11:05-11:20, Shelby Barrett; Pontchartrain Conservancy, Pontchartrain Conservancy’s swamp restoration and monitoring program.

11:20-11:50, Daniel Bollich; Delta Land Services, Wetland Mitigation and its applicability within the Pontchartrain Basin.

11:50-12:05, Andrew Whitehurst; Healthy Gulf, Path to Resilience in the Lake Pontchartrain Basin.

12:05-12:30, Recap of the workshop; “Where do we go from here?”