Beach Sweep: How to use the Clean Swell App

Our friends at Ocean Conservancy

have developed a great app

to track everything you collect!

Beach-Sweep-Logo 2020arcofont

Share your cleanup results with us

and the world as part of the

International Coastal Cleanup!

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of the Clean Swell App

First make sure to download the App

  • Open the app on your Smart Phone
  • Create your account
  • Verify your location
  • Remember to include Beach Sweep in you name!

When you start your cleanup

  • Give your Group a name and register

(remember to include “Beach Sweep”)

  • How many people are in your group?
  • Click on “Start Collecting” to begin your cleanup
  • Use the icons to track what you found in that category

When you finish

  • Make sure all trash bags are closed and secured
  • Take a picture and share it #BeachSweep2020
  • Put trash in your private receptacle or deliver to your local facility

Try This Tip: Assign roles to team members

Remember to wear your gloves, and use a trash-grabber if you have one.

Bag Handler
Don’t overstuff the bag, and if you find something sharp or dangerous… BE CAREFUL!

Keep track of what your team collects by using the Clean Swell Apps pollution tracker.

This is how we know where more attention is needed.