Thank you to AmeriCorps

All four of our 2018-2019 AmeriCorps Members. Education Assistant Laine Farber (top left), Coastal Program Volunteer Coordinator and Field Science Tech Eden Krolopp (top right), Outreach Coordinator Briana Cervantes (bottom left), Water Quality Assistant (bottom right)

A year of service and passion is wrapping up for our four amazing AmeriCorps.

Apply for our next service term beginning in September and read below about what service was like for one of our AmeriCorps, Laine Farber.


Laine has had an immeasurable impact on the work we do here at Pontchartrain Conservancy. Laine reflected on her year, ”I thoroughly enjoyed serving with Pontchartrain Conservancy during my AmeriCoprs term. I learned new skills and strengthened existing skills on the daily. I made tons of connections with amazing professionals who work in education, environmental science or the non-profit industry. The highlight of my time was getting to work with students from across the Pontchartrain Basin. I taught them so much great science stuff, but they taught me so much more."

Laine’s efforts have contributed to educating students from all over the Pontchartrain Basin. With her welcoming smile and depth of knowledge, she has engaged people in topics as diverse as water quality and coastal restoration. As we lose her amazing generosity of spirit and talent, we want to wish her well as she moves on to the next stage of her career where she will no doubt make her mark. "I have been spoiled. My office was in a lighthouse with a stunning view. It is going to be hard to top this workplace.”