Staff Directory and Contact

Staff Directory and Contact

New Canal Lighthouse Museum & Education Center

Light-House-IMG_60118001 Lakeshore Drive
New Orleans, LA 70124

Corporate Office - Pontchartrain Conservancy

(504) 836-2215 Main Line


Mailing Address  (Please send all correspondence to this address)

P.O. Box 6965
Metairie, LA 70009


Media Inquiries

Contact Emily Dowsett :

Water Quality Department

Dr. Brady Skaggs

(position vacant)

John O’Donnell

Ronny Carter

Justin Sumner

Eric Grimm

Shannon Tillison 

Water Quality Program Director

Water Quality Coordinator

Water Quality Coordinator

Wastewater Specialist

Home Systems Inspector

Water Quality Technician

Water Quality Technology Coordinator 

Coast & Community Program

Dr. Michael Hopkins

(position vacant)

(position vacant)

Adam Songy, B.S.

Tasia Denapolis, M.S.

Dr. Eva Hillmann 

Alexandre Cowles, M.S.

Noah Emerson, B.S.

(Position Vacant)

Coast & Community Program Director

Coast & Community Assistant Director

Coastal Scientist 

Coast & Community Program Scientist 

Fisheries Biologist

Coastal Scientist

Coastal Hydrologist

Tree Nursery Manager - Americorps Member

Data Sharing Program Developer and Technology Coordinator- Americorps Member

Education, Development, Membership, and Events

(position vacant)

Kimberly Cooke

(Position Vacant)

(Position Vacant)

Dwight Williams

Kate Tannian

Michelle Robison

Brittney Rixner

Lighthouse Director

Education Coordinator

Development Director

Grant Writer & Special Projects Manager

Public Access Director

Visitor Services Manager

Lighthouse Assistant

Education Assistant - Americorps Member


Kristi Trail

Domenica Antonucci

Frank Martinez

Tanya Vidal

Phillip Hutchins

Theresa Nguyen

Ridgely Myers

Chris Barnett

Executive Director

Executive Assistant

Human Resource Director

Finance Director

Staff Accountant I

Staff Accountant II

Director of Operations  

Outreach Coordinator - Americorps Member