Hydrocoast Maps


On the coast, rainfall mixes with seawater from the Gulf, resulting in a coastal system called an estuary. Many of the external influences on an estuary are the same influences that affect the weather, like rainfall or winds; but the estuary is also impacted by an additional set of factors, including tides or river diversions. This daily interaction of freshwater and seawater is as complex as our local weather, and it is almost as important.

Pontchartrain Conservancy (PC) sees a parallel between water monitoring and weather forecasting. Just as weather networks and websites use maps to forecast the weather, PC uses maps to show water movement, and the most recent distribution of salinity across a watersheds respective basin. PC has developed a map to display the hydrology for these respective basins. We call our map the “Hydrocoast Map.” At present, PC produces a Hydrocoast map series for the Pontchartrain and Barataria Basin. To obtain archived Hydrocoast maps please email assistant@ScienceForOurCoast.org

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Data Sources for Hydrocoast Maps

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